More info on Lev Kim, AKA Irene Kim.


Hello! I like to go by Lev Kim, but my legal name is Irene Kim. Years ago, I started my journey in web development when I was ten and curious about the World Wide Web--so I dipped my toes into HTML and CSS. For years after I would gradually accumulate skill and expertise in this field before I went off to art school, where I tentatively experimented with HTML and CSS via personal websites and begun stumbling across backend technologies, such as SQL and Node.js.

After I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor's of the Arts degree in Communication Arts, I realized that I wanted to dive headfirst into web technologies but I didn't have formal training. Revature offered a training program that was the perfect fit for soemone like me, so I take the risk and took on their ten-week traiing program.